A Boudoir session at Eclipse Studios is quite an experience.

You will be pampered, you will laugh and you will likely reconnect with your sensuality. We have been told that this is a great image booster, and frankly, the effect lasts a lot longer that any accessory you might buy, and we can promise you these photos will not be outdated by next season, unlike those shoes you got on an impulse not too long ago.

We enjoy working with all body types and ages, always bringing out your best features through careful lighting and posing - but don't worry, we will coach you every step of the way. Do one of these sessions for yourself, bask in your own beauty, celebrate all your sexiness and have the photos to remind you of how gorgeous you truly are. If there is a special person in your life, blow their socks off when you share your photos with them! In a year, or five or twenty, you will be so happy you took this one step today, insuring that there is an awesome record of your current self.

This gallery contains Fine Art images of the human form. Some might represent partial or implied nudity, presented always in good taste and as an artistic expression. We recommend that you enter only if you are at least 18 years of age.